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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Configure lead generation for a product

You can configure your product in one of the following ways:

  • To include only lead generation.
  • To include both product editions and lead generation.

For both the options, request the Marketplace Manager to add your product for lead generation on Hitachi Marketplace.


  1. Add a product. For more information, see Add a product

  2. Configure the profile and branding. For more information, see Update the product profile and branding.

  3. If you are adding the product only for lead generation, the following steps are optional:

    1. Configure the editions and pricing. For more information, see Update the product edition and pricing.

    2. Contact Support from the footer to update the product integration details. The Hitachi Marketplace technical team is responsible for deploying and integrating your product with the marketplace.

      For more information, see Update the product integration details, Publish the product releases to the Global Artifactory, and Integrate the product with the marketplace

  4. Publish the product for approval. In this step, make sure to include a request to enable the product for lead generation. This request is submitted to the Marketplace Manager

  5. Publish the product. The Marketplace Manager is responsible for this step and includes the configuration requested by the Developer, such as lead generation.

  6. Verify that the product is published correctly on the marketplace.