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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Data operations

You can monitor, verify, and examine your past, current, and pending data operations on the Data Operations page. Information about rules-governed and manual operations are provided. You can filter operations using the Completed and Failed buttons. In addition, you can enter a search term in the Search field to search for files within the page.

The information shown on the Data Operations page is described in the following table.

NameName of the file.
PathPath of the file.
SourceThe file source. See Data sources.
TypeThe action performed or scheduled.
GUID-C9194E19-7378-487C-AC33-B24DFCFFA180-low.pngFile tiered.
GUID-82904866-960A-40EB-BB9A-EC9DA2987304-low.pngFile purged.
GUID-90D303AD-2072-4759-B5D4-75D9700EBC61-low.pngFile rehydrated.

The file destination:

  • AWS/S3
StatusThe status of the data operation.
TagThe tag applied to the file.
File FormatThe file format of data.
SizeThe size of the file.
MessageThe message returned about the data operation by Data Storage Optimizer.
StartedTime the operation began.
EndedTime the operation ended.
Time takenTotal time taken for the operation.

Viewing data operations

You can view the list of data operations according to their status.

Perform the following steps to view data operations:


  1. On the Menu, click Management.

    The Manage Your Environment page opens.
  2. On the Data Operations card, click Submitted, Completed, or Failed.

  3. The Data Operations page appears.

    Data Operations page


Depending on your Data Operations selection, the table on the Data Operations page lists your submitted, completed, or failed data operations.