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Configure the design tools and utilities

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Before using design tools and utilities, you need to perform configuration tasks for each workstation running these tools.

NoteDepending on how these tools and utilities were installed, they might be located on different machines other than the Pentaho Server.

BA design tools

The following table describes the BA design tools and their uses:

Design ToolWhat It Does
Pentaho Aggregation DesignerOptimizes the multidimensional Mondrian data model.
Pentaho Metadata EditorCreates relational data models and refines the models created with the Data Access Wizard.
Pentaho Report DesignerInteractive Reports is a web-based design interface which is used to create both simple and on-demand operational reports without depending on IT or report developers.
Pentaho Schema WorkbenchCreates multidimensional Mondrian data models and refines the models created with the Data Access Wizard.

As a Pentaho administrator, you will need to know how to start and stop the BA design tools. Your IT administrator specifies the data connections for these tools.

PDI design tools and utilities

Pentaho Data Integration allows users to design and manage complex ETL workloads with a graphical user interface.

Kitchen, Pan, and Carte are command line tools for executing jobs and transformations modeled in the PDI client.

You will need to know how to perform the following tasks for the PDI design tools and utilities: