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Steps supporting metadata injection

Parent article

The ETL Metadata Injection step inserts metadata into your template transformation through a step that supports metadata injection. See the ETL metadata injection article for details on how metadata is injected or if you are not familiar with the term "template transformation".

The following table specifies which steps contain fields supporting metadata injection:

StepVersion IntroducedFields Supporting Metadata Injection
Add XML7.0All fields
Add a Checksum8.2All fields
Annotate Stream7.0All fields
AMQP Consumer8.2All fields
AMQP Producer8.2All fields
Append Streams7.0All fields
Avro Input7.0All fields
Avro Output8.0All fields
Cassandra Input7.0All fields
Cassandra Output7.0All fields
Combination Lookup / Update7.0All fields
Concat Fields5.1All fields
CouchDB Input7.0All fields
CSV File Input4.1See CSV File Input for a list of supported fields
Data Grid5.1All fields
Data Validator7.0All fields
Dimension Lookup-Update7.1All fields
ETL metadata injection7.0All fields. See Injecting metadata into the ETL Metadata Injection step for exceptions.
Execute Row SQL Script8.2All fields
Execute SQL Script8.2All fields
Filter Rows7.0All fields
Fixed File Input4.1See Fixed File Input for a list of supported fields
Get Data from XML5.0See Get Data from XML for a list of supported fields
Get records from stream8.0All fields
Get Rows from Result8.0All fields
Get System Info8.2All fields
Get Table Names7.0All fields
Get Variable7.0All fields
Google Analytics6.1All fields
Greenplum Load7.0All fields
Group By5.0All fields
GZIP CSV Input5.1All fields
Hadoop File Input7.0All fields
Hadoop File Output7.0All fields
HBase Input7.0All fields
HBase Output7.0All fields
HBase Row Decoder7.0All fields
If Field Value is Null7.0All fields
Insert/Update7.0All fields
JMS Consumer8.2All fields
JMS Producer8.2All fields
Join Rows (Cartesian product)7.0All fields
JSON Input7.0All fields
JSON Output5.2All fields
Kafka Consumer8.0All fields
Kafka Producer8.0All fields
Kinesis Consumer8.3All fields
Kinesis Producer8.3All fields
MapReduce Input7.0All fields
MapReduce Output7.0All fields
Memory Group By7.0All fields
Merge Join7.0All fields
Merge rows (diff)7.0All fields
Microsoft Access Input5.0See Microsoft Access Input for a list of supported fields
Microsoft Excel Input4.1See Microsoft Excel Input for a list of supported fields
Microsoft Excel Output5.1All fields (as of 6.1)
Microsoft Excel Writer5.3See Microsoft Excel Writer for a list of supported fields
MongoDB Input7.0All fields
MongoDB Output7.0All fields
MQTT Consumer8.1All fields
MQTT Producer8.1All fields
Multiway Merge Join7.0All fields
MySQL Bulk Loader7.0All fields
Null If7.0All fields
Oracle Bulk Loader7.0All fields
ORC Input8.1All fields
ORC Output8.1All fields
Parquet Input8.0All fields
Parquet Output8.0All fields
Pentaho Reporting Output5.0All fields
PostgreSQL Bulk Loader5.1All fields
Replace in String7.0All fields
Row Denormaliser4.2All fields (as of 7.0)
Row Normaliser4.2See Row Normaliser for a list of supported fields
S3 CSV Input6.1All fields
S3 File Output6.1All fields
Salesforce Input8.3All fields
Select Values4.1All fields
Set Field Value8.2All fields
Set Field Value to a Constant8.2All fields
Shared Dimension7.0All fields
Sort Rows5.0All fields
Sorted Merge7.0All fields
Split Fields5.0All fields (as of 6.1)
Splunk Input7.0All fields
Splunk Output7.0All fields
Stream Lookup6.1All fields
Strings cut8.3All fields
Switch / Case7.0All fields
Synchronize After Merge7.0All fields
Table Input5.2See Table Input for a list of supported fields
Table Output5.1See Table Output for a list of supported fields
Text File Input5.0All fields
Text File Output5.2All fields
Update7.0All fields
User Defined Java Class8.2All fields
User Defined Java Expression5.2All fields
Value Mapper6.1All fields
Vertica Bulk Loader7.0All fields
XML Join7.0All fields
XML Output6.1All fields