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Run files in background

You can run reports in the background from PUC. The types you can run include Report Designer reports (.prpt), Analyzer reports (.xanalyzer), and Interactive Reports.

You must be connected to a Pentaho Repository and have your reports saved to that repository before running them.

Perform the following steps to run a report in the background:


  1. Log on to the User Console, and then click the Browse Files button.

  2. In the Folders pane, browse to the folder containing the file that you want to run.

  3. In the File pane, click on the file that you want to run.

  4. In the File Actions pane, click Run in background.

    The Run In Background dialog box displays.Run in Background dialog box in PUC
  5. Enter your selections for the following fields:

    Generated Content NameSpecify a name for the generated content. If no name is entered in the Name field, the default is the report name.
    Append timestamp to generated contentClick this check box to append the value specified in the Generated Content Name with a timestamp. When selected, a menu displays with a list of timestamp format options. Use the Preview panel to view how the name will display on the generated file.
    Generated Content LocationSpecify a location for the generated content. Click Select to browse to a folder location to choose it.
    Overwrite existing files with the same nameClick this check box to overwrite any existing files that have the same name and timestamp as the one you are running and saving to the specified location.
  6. Click Next. If the selected report has run parameters, such as Output Type, you will be asked to specify them here.

  7. When you have completed your parameter selections, click Finish.


The file is now processing. The system will deliver the content generated from the report to your specified location.