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Parent article

A cube defined by combining the dimensions and measures of one or more cubes. A measure originating from another cube can be a <CalculatedMember>.


AttributeData TypeDefinition
enabledBooleanWhether this element is enabled. If true, then the Virtual Cube is realized otherwise it is ignored.
nameStringName of this virtual cube
defaultMeasureStringThe name of the measure that would be taken as the default measure of the cube.
captionStringA string being displayed instead of the cube's name. Can be localized from properties file using #{propertyname}.

Constituent Elements

CubeUsagesBase cubes that are imported into a virtual cube
VirtualCubeDimensionUsage of a dimension by a virtual cube
VirtualCubeMeasureUsage of a measure by a virtual cube
CalculatedMemberCalculated members that belong to this virtual cube (Calculated members inherited from other cubes should not be in this list.)
NamedSetNamed sets in this cube