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Monitoring system performance

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Pentaho provides you with several methods to monitor system performance. PDI logging offers you summarized information on transformations and jobs, while Pentaho logging provides detailed information about exceptions, errors, and debugging. You can maintain Pentaho logging through various tools. You can also monitor performance using the Pentaho Operations Mart. Third-party logging such as SNMP is also supported.

PDI logging

You can troubleshoot issues without having to examine the comprehensive Pentaho log.

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Maintain logging

You can maintain your system logs using rotation and by monitoring the execution status of transformations and jobs.

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Pentaho Operations Mart

The Pentaho Server Operations Marts can be used to monitor system performance:

Third-party monitoring with SNMP

You can use the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) plugin to integrate third-party tools for monitoring Data Integration (DI) events.

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Tracking access to sensitive data

You can set up audit trail properties for tracking access to sensitive data in analytics and reporting tools using Pentaho logging tools.

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