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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Create PDI icons

This design guideline is intended to help you maintain consistency with other user interface elements within Pentaho Data Integration. It's recommended that you create your icon in vector shapes using a design tool which saves or exports to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Version 1.1 format. Vector shapes allow assets to be scaled up without loss of detail and crisp edges.

NoteThe W3C offers a list of programs that support SVG.

The anatomy of a PDI icon

This section reviews the breakdown of what goes inside the icons.

1: Icon fill colorThe primary stroke color is #3D6380
2: Icon border colorThe primary stroke is 1.7pt
3: Icon foreground line colorThe secondary stroke size is 0.8pt

Positioning action indicators

1: Action indicatorFor any PDI icon which requires an action indicator, the icon must have the secondary element placed in the top-left or bottom-right corner of the icon.
2: Forty-five degree slice for positioning action indicatorsThe primary element within the icon is recommended to have a 45º angle sliced through, and the secondary element placed in that spot.

Action indicator badges

Input / Import /

Get / Download / Extract / Read

Output / Upload /

Export / Insert /

Put / Write

Create Compare Wait
Block Execute / Call Search / Lookup / Exists
Bulk Load Encrypt Generator /


Delete Decrypt Upsert
Update Move Set

Downloading PDI icon template

You can use the SVG template file,, as a starting point for creating a PDI icon. This file is bundled with the other samples in the Pentaho Data Integration SDK. You can download the SDK from the Pentaho Customer Support Portal.