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Get System Info

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This step retrieves system information from the Kettle environment. The step includes a table where you can designate a name and assign it to any available system info type you want to retrieve. This step generates a single row with the fields containing the requested information.

It can also accept any number of input streams, aggregate any fields defined by this step, and send the combined results to the output stream.


Step name: Specify the unique name of the Get System Info step on the canvas. You can customize the name or leave it as the default.

Get System Info dialog

The table includes the following columns:

NameThe name you want to give a specific data type
TypeA list of the available system data types

Click Preview rows to inspect the names and their associated data types.

Data types

The Get System Info step includes a full range of available system data types that you can use within your transformation.

Metadata injection support

All fields of this step support metadata injection. You can use this step with ETL metadata injection to pass metadata to your transformation at runtime.