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A measure is an aggregated numeric value. Typically it is a sum of selected numbers in a column, or a count of the number of items in a list.


AttributeData TypeDefinition
nameStringName of this measure
columnStringColumn which is source of this measure's values. If not specified, a measure expression must be specified.
datatypeStringThe datatype of this measure: String, Numeric, Integer, Boolean, Date, Time or Timestamp. The default datatype of a measure is Integer if the measure's aggregator is Count, otherwise it is Numeric.
formatStringStringFormat string with which to format cells of this measure. For more details, see the mondrian.util.Format class.
aggregatorStringAggregation function. Allowed values are sum, count, min, max, avg, and distinct-count. The distinct count value is allowed for backwards compatibility, but is deprecated because XML enumerated attributes in a DTD cannot legally contain spaces.
formatterStringName of a formatter class for the appropriate cell being displayed. The class must implement the mondrian.olap.CellFormatter interface.
captionStringA string being displayed instead of the name. Can be localized from Properties file using #{propertyname}.
descriptionStringDescription of this measure. Can be localized from Properties file using #{propertyname}.
visibleBooleanWhether this member is visible in the user-interface. Default true.

Constituent Elements

MeasureExpressionThe SQL expression used to calculate a measure. Must be specified if a source column is not specified.
CalculatedMemberPropertyProperty of a calculated member