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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Commonly-used PDI steps and entries

Although there are over 330 transformation steps and job entries, some steps and entries are used more often than others. If you are creating a transformation and job, but do not know where to begin, this list might be helpful to you.

Top ten transformation steps

PDI Transformation steps are documented in Documentation.
  • Text File Input
  • Table Input
  • Excel Input
  • Text File Output
  • Table Output
  • Excel Output
  • Select Values
  • Filter Rows
  • Group By
  • Stream Lookup

Other commonly-used transformation steps

PDI Transformation steps are documented in Documentation
  • INPUT: Generate Rows, Data Grid, Get Data from XML, CSV File Input, Fixed File Input
  • OUTPUT: XML Output
  • TRANSFORM: Split Fields, Calculator, Add Constants, Add Sequence, Replacing Strings, Split Fields, Sort Rows, String Operations, Strings Cut
  • SCRIPTING: User Defined Java Class, Modified Java Script Value, User Defined Java Expression
  • FLOW: Abort, Append Streams, Block this step until steps finish, Blocking Step, Detect Empty Stream, Dummy, ETL Metadata Injection, Filter Rows, Identify Last Row in a Stream, Java Filter, Job Executor, Prioritize Streams, Single Threader, Switch/Case, Transformation Executor
  • JOINS: Join Rows, Merge Join
  • JOB: Get Variables, Set Variables

Commonly-used job entries

PDI Job entries are documented in Documentation.
  • GENERAL: Start, Job, Transformation, Success
  • UTILITY: Abort
  • MAIL: Mail
  • FILE MANAGEMENT: Add filenames to result, Compare folders, Convert file between Windows and Unix, Copy Files, Create a folder, Create file, Delete file, Delete filenames from result, Delete files, Delete folders, File Compare, HTTP, Move Files, Process result filenames, Unzip file, Wait for file, Write to file, Zip file
  • UTILITIES: Write to log