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Modify values from a single row


You can use the Modify values from a single row step to build complex hierarchical data in two ways:

  • You can take hierarchical data from a previous step and modify the data using data from other columns that are incoming.
  • You can take non-hierarchical data and create a new or modify an existing hierarchical data structure and pass the structured data to other steps.

This step can use regular expressions.


  • Step name: Specifies the unique name of the Modify values from a single row step on the canvas. You can customize the name or leave it as the default.
Modify values from a single row step dialog box


Field Description
Target field name Name of the hierarchical output field that is generated or modified using the fields from a previous step.
Target hierarchical path Specify the hierarchical path inside the Target field name field.
Modify action Specify the action to perform on the Target field name.
Value field name Specify the name for the incoming field name from a previous field name.
Output set path field name (Optional) Specify the field name of the output path of the field that the step modified or created.



The sample transformation Modify_From_A_Single_ROW.ktr demonstrates the capabilities of this step and is available in the plugin distribution package in the data-integration/plugins/hierarchical-datatype-plugin/samples/transformations directory. The use of this step is also demonstrated in the Advanced_Using_Multiples_To Join_And_Edit.ktr transformation. Comments in the transformations explain how the steps are used.

Modify values from a single row example ktr