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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

JAR reference

The JAR reference includes these categories of available JARs:

Pentaho-authored JARs

The Pentaho Reporting SDK consists of the following Pentaho-authored JARs:
JAR File NamePurpose
libbaseThe root project for all reporting projects. Provides base services like controlled boot-up, modularization, configuration. Also contains some commonly used helper classes.
libdocbundleSupport for ODF-document-bundle handling. Provides the engine with the report-bundle capabilities and manages the bundle-metadata, parsing and writing.
libfontsFont-handling library. Performs the mapping between physical font files and logical font names. Also provides performance optimized font-metadata and font-metrics.
libformatA performance optimized replacement for JDK TextFormat classes. Accepts the same patterns as the JDK classes, but skips the parsing. Therefore they are less expensive to use in terms of CPU and memory.
libformulaOur OpenFormula implementation. Provides a implementation of the OpenFormula specification. Basically a way to have Excel-style formulas without the nonsense Excel does.
libloaderResourceloading and caching framework. Used heavily in the engine to load reports and other resources in the most efficient way.
libpixieSupport for rendering WMF (windows-meta-files).
librepositoryAbstraction-layer for content-repositories. Heavily used by LibDocbundle and our HTML export.
libserializerHelper classes for serialization of Java-objects. A factory based approach to locate serializers based on the class of the object we want to serialize. needed as major parts of the JDK are not serializable on their own.
libxmlAdvanced SAX-parsing framework and namespace aware XML writing framework used in the engine and libdocbundle.
pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-coreThe Pentaho Reporting engine core, which itself consists of modular sub-projects.

Included third-party JARs

JAR File NamePurpose
activationThe JavaBeans Activation Framework, which determines the type of the given data, encapsulates it, discovers the operations available on it, and to instantiates the appropriate bean to execute those operations.
batik-awt-util, batik-bridge, batik-css, batik-dom, batik-ext, batik-gui-util, batik-gvt, batik-parser, batik-script, batik-svg-dom, batik-util, batik-xmlThe core Batik SVG toolkit, which adds scalable vector graphics support to a Java application.
bsfThe Apache Jakarta Bean Scripting Framework, which provides scripting language support within Java applications, and access to Java objects and methods from scripting languages.
bshThe Bean Shell, which dynamically executes standard Java syntax and extends it with common scripting conveniences such as loose types, commands, and method closures like those in Perl and JavaScript.
commons-logging-apiThe Apache Commons Logging library, which allows writing to a variety of different logging services in a common format.
itextEnables dynamic PDF generation.
jsr107cacheA Java cache API specification.
ehcacheA distributed cache library that uses the jsr107cache API.
mailThe Java Mail API, which allows you to send email from a Java application without requiring a separate mail server.
poiA Java API that allows you to read from and write to Microsoft file formats.

JARs exclusive to the embedding samples

The created samples use the 2.3.2 Engine for HSQLDB.
JAR File NamePurpose
hsqldbHSQLDB database engine and JDBC driver.
pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-samplesThe sample applications explained in this guide.