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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

What's new in Lumada Data Catalog


With Lumada Data Catalog version 7.7, you can now customize the Home page, access more data source types, and gain a further enhanced experience with rules and properties, along with increased support for other components.

Configurable home page

You can now customize the Data Catalog Home page. Choose up to 4 cards to display from the following list, by clicking Modify Cards:

  • Data Canvas
  • Management
  • Business Rules
  • Business Glossary
  • Data Rationalization

Configurable Home page

You can arrange the cards in any order by dragging and dropping the card titles in the window that displays when you click Modify Cards:

Modify cards dialog

On the bottom of the Home page, you can view your workflow tasks, any @ mentions, and recently processed items.

See Tour of the Home page for more information.

Support for new data source types

You can now create Data Catalog data sources for the following resources:


  • Common Internet File System (CIFS)
  • Hitachi Network-Attached Storage Platform (HNAS) (using SMB)
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • NetApp storage (using SMB)
  • Network File System (NFS)

See Manage data sources for more information.

REST API updates

Data Catalog 7.7 includes the following updates to the REST APIs:


  • Support for executing processes
  • Added example requests for the APIs
  • Updates to the Data source and Data entity APIs

See REST API documentation for more information.

Custom properties enhancements for unstructured data

You can now capture document properties from unstructured data and map them to custom properties. The new value type "Mapped" applies only to unstructured documents.

See Manage properties for more information.

Rules enhancements

You can now apply enhanced metadata rule criteria to unstructured data. The following functions are now supported in metadata rules:

  • trim
  • trimTime
  • today
  • round
  • roundUp
  • roundDown
  • dateDiff
  • dateDiffFromToday

See Rule criteria on resource metadata for more information.

Support for PK-FK capture and display from an RDBMS

You can now capture and display primary key and foreign key information from a relational database management system.

After running Schema discovery on a relational database, indicators for discovered primary keys and foreign keys now appear in the Data Canvas navigation tree, in Key Metrics on the Summary tab, and in a Foreign/Primary Key column on the Details tab.

Support for additional versions

Data Catalog 7.7 supports the following additional versions:

  • CDP Private Cloud with CDP 7.1.3
  • EMR 6.7
  • HDP 3.1.5
  • MongoDB 5.0.14 Enterprise Edition