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App endpoints for SDR forms

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These are a few API endpoints that you can also use to run the app. To perform a command, alter this example to match your parameters:


Here are a couple of examples using some parameters:

  • Genre Selector API

  • Example Response

  • Gender Selector API

  • Example Response


Here is a list of app endpoint parameters:

genrePopulates the options for the genre selector.
genderPopulates the options for the gender selector.
occupationPopulates the options for the occupation selector.
incomePopulates the options for the income selector.
firstdateReturns the limit dates for the data to be processed.
data_source_nameReturns the names of all data sources available on the server.
latest_requestsReturns the latest 10 requests made in a table, instead of inside of a popup.
sdr_dataProcesses the request and returns the status of the data.
refreshRefreshes the kettle and dashboard elements to reflect any saved changes. Clears the cache for all kettle endpoints.
A larger number of API endpoints can be found in the Developer center.