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Installation of the Pentaho design tools

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There are two ways to install the Business Analytics (BA) and Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) design tools, utilities, and plugins.

You can install the design tools manually or by using the Pentaho Business Analytics Installation Wizard. Review the tables in each article to determine which method is best for you:

  • Install the BA design tools

    Pentaho Business Analytics has three tools for preparing data sources for use in the web design components (Analyzer, Interactive Reports, and Dashboard Designer), and one tool to design reports suitable for printing.

  • Install the PDI tools and plugins

    Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) has one design tool, the PDI client (formerly known as Spoon), several PDI utilities, and many plugins. There are two methods by which you can install these components: the Pentaho Business Analytics Installation Wizard or a manual installation. Review the table to determine which method is best for you.