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Add a JNDI data source

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You should already have established a JNDI data connection in your application server before continuing.

Follow this procedure to establish a connection to a JNDI data source.


  1. Quit Report Designer if it is currently running.

  2. Edit the .pentaho/simple-jndi/ file.

    The .pentaho directory is in the home or user directory of the user account that runs Report Designer. If you have multiple copies of Report Designer installed to multiple user accounts, each file will have to be edited.
  3. Add your JNDI connection information, beginning with the JNDI name on each line, as shown in the example below:

  4. Save and close the file, then start Report Designer.

  5. To add this data source to a report, add a JDBC data source, choose JNDI as the connection type, and type in the JNDI name in the appropriate field.


Report Designer can now access your JNDI data sources.