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cdf.dashboard.Popups. notificationsGrowl


The Error Notification Growl Popup object containing the default values for an error notification growl popup.

Source: dashboard/Popups.js, line 242


 Default CDF notification.


Name Description
defaults : Object

The Popup default properties.

template : String

The template of the Popup.


Name Description

Renders the Popup.

Members Details

defaults: Object

The Popup default properties, with the properties applied during the template render.

More info about some of the properties used is detailed below.

Name Default Value Description
title : String Title

The title of the popup.

desc : String Default CDF notification

The description of the popup.

timeout : Number 4000

The timeout for the popup.

onUnblock : function

Callback function called when onUnblock from jQuery.blockUI is called.

css : Object

An object with the jQuery.blockUI default options.

Name Default Value Description
position : String Absolute

The default popup css position value.

width : String 100%

The default popup css width value.

top : String 10px

The default popup css top value.

showOverlay : Boolean false

Boolean flag to control whether the overlay is shown or not.

fadeIn : Number 700

Time in milliseconds to show the Growl Popup.

fadeOut : Number 1000

Time in milliseconds to hide the Growl Popup.

centerY : Boolean false

Boolean to force the Growl Popup to now be centered in the Y axis.

Source: dashboard/Popups.js, line 298

See also: jQuery.blockUI

template: String

The Mustache template of the Error Notification Popup.

It has a title and a description. The default values for each of the template variables are stored in defaults object.

Source: dashboard/Popups.js, line 269


See also: Mustache

Methods Details


Renders the Popup based on the object containing the properties to apply to the Mustache template.

If the render function is called for the first time, then the component is rendered and attached in the body of the page. Otherwise, the component is shown, calling the jQuery.blockUI. block function with the defaults extended with the newOpts argument to allow user customizations.

Source: dashboard/Popups.js, line 329

Name Default Value Summary
newOpts : Object

Options object used to extend the default object. This is used to assign values to the properties that define the content of the component.

See also: jQuery.blockUI