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Create a SQL query data source

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Once you create the data source, it is available to users of Interactive Reports, Analyzer, and Dashboard Designer reports.


  1. Log in to the User Console.

  2. Click the Create New button, then choose Data Source from the menu.

  3. Click the New Data Source button.

    The Data Source Wizard appears.
  4. Enter a name that identifies your new data source in the Data Source Name field.

    The following characters are not allowed in data source names:
    SQL Query Data Source Wizard dialog
  5. Select SQL Query from the Source Type drop-down menu. Click Next.

  6. Select a database connection from the list, under Data Connection.

  7. Enter your SQL query in the SQL Query text field.

    Click Data Preview to make sure that your query returns data. The SQL query select * from CUSTOMERS is shown in this example.SQL Query Data Preview
  8. Click Close to exit the Preview window. Click Finish.

  9. The Data Source Created window appears.

    You can choose to Keep default model or click Customize model now to launch the Data Source Model Editor and refine the model. Click OK.SQL Query Data Source Created


A relational model is generated based on the SQL query for use in Analyzer, Interactive Reports, and Dashboard Designer reports, or the Data Source Model Editor appears.