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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation


cdf.dashboard.Popups. notificationsComponent


The Error Notification Popup object containing the default values for a error notification popup.

Source: dashboard/Popups.js, line 170


 Component Error
 Error processing component.


Name Description
defaults : Object

The Popup default properties.

template : String

The template of the Popup.


Name Description
render(ph, newOpts)

Renders the Popup.

Members Details

defaults: Object

The Popup default properties, with the properties applied during the template render.

Name Default Value Description
title : String Component Error

Title of the Error message

desc : String Error processing component

The Error message

Source: dashboard/Popups.js, line 202

template: String

The Mustache template of the Error Notification Popup.

It has a title and description. The default values for each of the template variables are stored in defaults object.

Source: dashboard/Popups.js, line 187


Methods Details

render(ph, newOpts)

Renders the Popup based on the object containing the properties to apply to the Mustache template.

If the component has a width smaller than 300, the css class small is added.

Source: dashboard/Popups.js, line 219

Name Default Value Summary
ph : jQuery | Selector

The DOM Element or the jQuery Selector. This is the container which will hold the content of the popup.

newOpts : Object

Options object used to extend the defaults object. This is used to assign values to the properties that define the content of the component.