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Verification checklist for JBoss connection tasks

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This checklist for JBoss connection tasks will help you verify that you have completed all items needed before starting the Pentaho Server.

Tasks completedSee section ...
Download the JDBC driver software component to the correct directory, then create the module.xml files for each database.Install JDBC driver as a module in JBoss
Create a module file for the database which hosts the Pentaho Repository (either PostgreSQL, MySQL, or Oracle), as well as for HSQLDB.Create module file for Pentaho Repository
Create a module file for the HSQL database. The version of HSQLDB used should be 2.3.2.Create module file for HSQL database
Create a module file for the H2 database.Create module file for H2 database
Use JNDI to specify port, driver, user name, and password information for the Audit and Quartz databases in your Pentaho Repository. Define JNDI database connection
Add JBoss deployment structure file to the pentaho.war file to control class loading, prevent automatic dependencies from being added, add dependencies, define additional modules, change isolated class loading behavior, and add additional resource roots to a module.Add JBoss deployment structure file to Pentaho WAR file
Remove JNDI resource-references in the web.xml file so that the Pentaho Server will operate properly.Remove JNDI resource references in JBoss
Update files so that referenced JNDI data sources conform to JBoss standards.Update JNDI data source reference to conform to JBoss standards
Configure the Pentaho Platform in JBoss by adding a specified list of packages.Enable JBoss Classloader to load classes from Sun JDK
Adjust the default time for deployment by editing the standalone.xml file.Increase the amount of time JBoss allows for Pentaho Server deployment
Disable the JBoss RESTEasy scan to load Pentaho REST services correctly.Disable the JBoss RESTEasy scan
Define the location of the Pentaho solutions directory in the web.xml file to deploy JBoss correctly.Set the location of the Pentaho Solutions directory
Modify the JBoss startup script to match the Pentaho Server's memory resource requirements. If this step is not performed, the Pentaho Server will not start.Configure JBoss settings