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pentaho.type.spec. ITypeDescriptor

The spec.ITypeDescriptor interface describes a type descriptor in object form.

Source: doc-js/pentaho/type/spec/ITypeDescriptor.jsdoc, line 17



Name Description
_ :  pentaho.type.spec.TypeReference

An inline type reference of the value's type.

f :  string

An alias for formatted.

formatted :  string

The formatted value.

v :  pentaho.type.spec.TypeReference

An alias for value.

value :  pentaho.type.spec.TypeReference

A reference to the underlying Type API type.

Members Details

_:  pentaho.type.spec.TypeReference

An inline type reference of the value's type.

Source: doc-js/pentaho/type/spec/IInstance.jsdoc, line 27

Inherited From: pentaho.type.spec.IInstance#_

f:  string

An alias for formatted.

Source: doc-js/pentaho/type/spec/ISimple.jsdoc, line 78

Inherited From: pentaho.type.spec.ISimple#f

formatted:  string

The formatted value.

When unspecified, or specified as a Nully or empty value, it is taken to be null.

Property f is an alias for this one.

Only one of f or formatted can be specified.

Source: doc-js/pentaho/type/spec/ISimple.jsdoc, line 56

Inherited From: pentaho.type.spec.ISimple#formatted

v:  pentaho.type.spec.TypeReference

An alias for value.

Source: doc-js/pentaho/type/spec/ITypeDescriptor.jsdoc, line 42

Overrides: pentaho.type.spec.ISimple#v

value:  pentaho.type.spec.TypeReference

A reference to the underlying Type API type.

Property v is an alias for this one.

One and only one of v or value must be specified, non-Nully.

When serialized as JSON, the type's JSON specification is used, as obtained by calling pentaho.type.Type#toSpec with a true value for the keyArgs.isJson argument.

Source: doc-js/pentaho/type/spec/ITypeDescriptor.jsdoc, line 26

Overrides: pentaho.type.spec.ISimple#value