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SAML security

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Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a web­based authentication mechanism that relies on the browser as an agent to broker the authentication flow. There are numerous third-party Identity Providers (IdP) available, such as OpenSSO, OKTA, and

The following diagram is a high-level sketch of a SAML identification structure containing a third-party Identity Provider (IdP), an End-User Browser (the Pentaho User Console), and a Service Provider (the Pentaho Server):GUID-3C9F0168-5E32-4865-9222-09857AEAFA0A-low.png

See the guidelines for SAML on the Support Portal for help in setting up an example instance of SAML security. If you want to extend your SAML set up further, please work with with your Customer Success Manager or contact Support.