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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation


pentaho.visual.role.spec. IMappingField

The spec.IMappingField interface describes the object form of a visual role mapping field instance.

Source: doc-js/pentaho/visual/role/spec/IMappingField.jsdoc, line 17

See also: pentaho.visual.role.spec.IAbstractMapping , pentaho.visual.role.spec.MappingField



 name: "sales"


Name Description
_ :  pentaho.type.spec.TypeReference

An inline type reference of the value's type.

name :  string

The name of the field.

Members Details

_:  pentaho.type.spec.TypeReference

An inline type reference of the value's type.

Source: doc-js/pentaho/type/spec/IInstance.jsdoc, line 27

Inherited From: pentaho.type.spec.IInstance#_

name:  string

The name of the field.

This property is required.

Source: doc-js/pentaho/visual/role/spec/IMappingField.jsdoc, line 35

See also: pentaho.visual.role.MappingField#name