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pentaho.lang. OperationInvalidError

The OperationInvalidError class is the class of errors that signals that performing an operation is considered invalid.

Performing an operation can be considered invalid when:

  • The object in which it is executed is not in a state that allows the operation to be performed. For exampel: it is locked, busy or disposed.
  • It cannot be performed on a certain type of object.

AMD Module

require(["pentaho/lang/OperationInvalidError"], function(OperationInvalidError) { /* code goes here */ });



Name Description
new OperationInvalidError(reason)

Creates an invalid operation error object.


Name Description
name :  string

The name of the type of error.

Constructor Details

new OperationInvalidError(reason)

Creates an invalid operation error object.

Source: javascript/web/pentaho/lang/OperationInvalidError.js, line 25

Name Default Value Summary
reason : string

Text that explains the reason why performing the operation is considered invalid.


define(["pentaho/lang/OperationInvalid"], function(OperationInvalid) {

 function Cell(value) {
 this._value = value;
 this._locked = false;

 Cell.prototype = {
 lock: function() {
 this._locked = true;

 get value() {
 return this._value;

 set value(v) {
 if(this._locked) {
 throw new OperationInvalid("Cell is locked.");

 this._value = v;

 // ...

Members Details

name:  string

The name of the type of error.

Source: javascript/web/pentaho/lang/OperationInvalidError.js, line 85

Default Value: "OperationInvalidError"