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IAbstract IAbstract

The spec.IAbstract interface describes the information associated with a filter.

Source: doc-js/pentaho/data/filter/spec/IAbstract.jsdoc, line 17

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The following is the JSON specification of a filter that selects books whose country of origin is USA and from one of two possible authors.

 "_": "pentaho/data/filter/And",
 "operands": [
 "_": "pentaho/data/filter/IsEqual",
 "property": "country",
 "value": {_: "string", v: "USA"}
 "_": "pentaho/data/filter/IsIn",
 "property": "author",
 "values": [
 {_: "string", v: "Mark Twain"},
 {_: "string", v: "F. Scott Fitzgerald"}


Name Description
_ :  pentaho.type.spec.TypeReference

An inline type reference of the value's type.

Members Details

_:  pentaho.type.spec.TypeReference

An inline type reference of the value's type.

Source: doc-js/pentaho/type/spec/IInstance.jsdoc, line 27

Inherited From: pentaho.type.spec.IInstance#_