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pentaho. IRange

A range represents an interval on an underlying ordinal domain. It denotes a subset of a base domain.

It is defined by the minimum and maximum values on that domain.

The minimum value must not be greater than the maximum value when both limits are defined.

When one of the limits of the interval is not defined, that limit is open, and its property's value is undefined (or absent).

When both limits of the interval are not defined, both are open, and their properties' values are undefined (or absent). This is an open range. When the base domain is empty, the only valid range is open.

Name Default Value Description
min : T | undefined

The minimum value, or undefined, when minimum-open.

max : T | undefined

The maximum value, or undefined, when maximum-open.

Source: doc-js/pentaho/IRange.jsdoc, line 17


var closedRange = {min: 100, max: 200};

var openRange1 = {min: undefined, max: undefined};
var openRange2 = {};

var minOpenRange1 = {min: undefined, max: 200};
var minOpenRange2 = {max: 200};

var maxOpenRange1 = {min: 100, max: undefined};
var maxOpenRange2 = {min: 100};