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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation


pentaho. service

The service namespace contains the types of the Pentaho Service Locator API.


The Pentaho Service Locator API is constituted by an AMD/RequireJS loader plugin, pentaho.service.ILocator, which allows JavaScript components to depend on logical services. Other modules may declare to "implement" these services through AMD/RequireJS configuration.

The main service locator service, and AMD/RequireJS loader plugin, is pentaho.service.locator.

Source: doc-js/pentaho/service/_namespace.jsdoc, line 17


Name Summary

The interface of service locator AMD/RequireJS loader plugins.


Name Description
locator :  pentaho.service.ILocator

The main service locator service of the JavaScript Pentaho platform.

Members Details

locator:  pentaho.service.ILocator

The main service locator service of the JavaScript Pentaho platform.

This service uses the Instance Info API to query for instances that provide a given service type.

Alternatively, the service can also be explicitly configured.


To register a module that provides a service, you configure this module, pentaho/service. For example, the following AMD/RequireJS configuration registers two modules, mine/homeScreen and yours/proHomeScreen, as providing the logical service named IHomeScreen:

  config: {
    "pentaho/service": {
      "mine/homeScreen": "IHomeScreen",
      "yours/proHomeScreen": "IHomeScreen"

Later, some other component can request for all implementers of the logical service:

define(["pentaho/service!IHomeScreen"], function(arrayOfHomeScreenModules) {

  arrayOfHomeScreenModules.forEach(function(homeScreen) {
    // ...

Source: javascript/web/pentaho/service.js, line 17