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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Developer Center

Integrate and customize Pentaho products, as well as perform highly advanced tasks. These sections are best used by software engineers who are very familiar with programming concepts and have extensive programming experience.

API Reference

The following API references are available:

    This API allows creation of custom applications that interact with Pentaho data.
  • Analyzer External JavaScript API
    This API allows for more fine-grained interaction with the Pentaho Analyzer viewer, reports, and data.
  • JavaScript API
    This API exposes key Pentaho platform information and services to JavaScript components.
  • Community Dashboard Framework (CDF) API
    This API allows control of a Pentaho dashboard lifecycle without any Java coding.

Customize Pentaho Products

You can customize Pentaho in the following ways:

  • User Console
    Alter the look and feel of PUC (the standard web application for the Pentaho Server) by manually editing its configuration files, graphics, and CSS style sheets. 
  • Analyzer
    Edit the file to modify the Pentaho Analyzer to fit your needs.
  • PDI Data Explorer
    Edit the configuration file to use continuous or discrete axes for numbers and time in line, area, and scatter charts. 

Embed and Extend Pentaho Functionality

You can embed and extend the following Pentaho functionality in your own applications:

  • Pentaho Server into Web Applications
    Integrate Pentaho Server functionality and content into your own web application.
  • Data Integration
    Develop custom plugins to extend PDI functionality or to integrate the PDI engine into your own Java applications.
  • Reporting
    Integrate the Pentaho Reporting engine into a new or existing Java application.
  • Multi-Tenancy
    Share the same instance of a software application, but have separate data and content.