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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation


Member property that enables you to create subcategories for levels and hierarchies.


Attribute Data Type Definition
name String

The display name of this property

column String

The data column that will determine this subcategory's content

type String

Data type of this property: String, Numeric, Integer, Boolean, Date, Time or Timestamp

formatter String

Name of a formatter class for the appropriate property value being displayed. The class must implement the mondrian.olap.PropertyFormatter interface.

caption String

A string being displayed instead of the name. Can be localized from Properties file using #{propertyname}.

description String

Description of this member property. Can be localized from Properties file using #{propertyname}.

dependsOnLevelValue Boolean

Should be set to true if the value of the property is functionally dependent on the level value. This permits the associated property column to be omitted from the GROUP BY clause (if the database permits columns in the SELECT that are not in the GROUP BY). This can be a significant performance enhancement on some databases, such as MySQL.

Constituent Elements