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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Partitioning High-Cardinality Dimensions

If you cannot avoid creating high-cardinality dimensions, then you must devise a strategy to make them more performant without reducing their size. Typically a database will partition large tables, which makes querying one partition a quick operation. However, the Analysis engine does not have any way of detecting which tables are partitioned and which are not. Therefore, MDX queries will be translated into SQL statements that are too broad, resulting in a query that traverses all of a table's partitions.

To instruct the Analysis engine to properly address a (partitioned) high-cardinality dimension, you must modify the ROLAP schema and explicitly set the highCardinality property of the ElementCubeDimension element to true on each applicable dimension. This will streamline SQL generation for partitioned tables; ultimately, only the relevant partitions will be queried, which could greatly increase query performance.