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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Available Extension Points for SNMP Monitoring

Here is a list of the extension points that are used for SNMP monitoring of the Pentaho Server. These events are run by default, but if you want fewer events to run, just remove items from this list and save the file.

Extension Points Description
TransformationPrepareExecution A transformation to prepare execution
TransformationStart A transformation has started
TransformationHeartbeat A signal sent at regular intervals to indicate that the transformation is still active
TransformationFinish A transformation finishes
JobStart A job starts
JobHeartbeat A signal sent at regular intervals to indicate that the job is still active
JobFinish A job finishes
JobBeforeJobEntryExecution Before a job entry executes
JobAfterJobEntryExecution After a job entry executes
DatabaseConnected After a successful connection to a database
DatabaseDisconnected After a successful disconnection to a database
CarteStartup Right after the Carte webserver has started
CarteShutdown Right before the Carte webserver shuts down