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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

The Report Designer Main Toolbar

The toolbar at the top of the Report Designer window is for file, data, publishing, and cut-and-paste operations. The toolbar makes some of the most frequently used features more accessible to users who have not yet learned keyboard shortcuts for them. There are no unique data, publishing, or file operations in the toolbar; every icon represents a feature that is also available through one of the panes or menus in Report Designer.

To discover what each icon does, mouse over it to see a tooltip description.

The Report Designer Main Toolbar

Defining Preferences

To edit preferences associated with date and time format, look-and-feel, browsers, networks, external tools and locations go to Edit -> Preferences. Enable Display the index columns in the Report Designer's field selectors... to refer to data fields by name or column position. For more information, see Referring to Report Elements by Name or Column Position