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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Supported Data Sources

Pentaho Report Designer supports the following data source types:

  • JDBC: Any JDBC-compliant database will work with Report Designer, but you will probably have to provide your own JDBC driver JAR. This is accomplished by copying the appropriate JAR file to the /pentaho/design-tools/report-designer/lib/ directory.
  • Metadata: A Pentaho Metadata XMI file.
  • Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle): Kettle KTR files can act as a data source, but you must copy all of the JAR files from /pentaho/design-tools/data-integration/lib/ and all of its subdirectories except the JDBC subdirectory to /pentaho/design-tools/report-designer/lib/.
  • OLAP: Report Designer only supports Pentaho Analysis (Mondrian) OLAP sources at this time.
    • Pentaho Analysis: A Mondrian schema file.
    • Pentaho Analysis Denormalized: A Mondrian schema file, denormalized.
    • Pentaho Analysis Legacy: A Mondrian data source imported from a report created with a version of Report Designer older than 3.5.0.
  • XML: An XQuery file.
  • Table: Create your own data table by entering information manually, or importing it from an Excel spreadsheet file (XLS).
  • MongoDB: Use data stored in this document-oriented NoSQL database.
  • Advanced: The data sources in this category are typically for software developers and special-use cases.
    • JDBC (Custom): Allows designers to dynamically create a query from a formula or function.
    • Scriptable: Allows designers to generate a data set via JavaScript, Bean Shell, Groovy, Netrexx, XSLT, JACL, or Jython.
    • External: Used only if the report is going to run on the Pentaho Server, which means the data is retrieved via a component in an action sequence. The query name for the report has to be mapped to the result set in the .xaction file.