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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Add Advanced Data Sources

Advanced data sources require advanced knowledge and skills, so only a high-level overview of each Advanced data source is given in this section.

JDBC Custom

This is much like a standard JDBC connection, except you create a formula-based query through the Master Report's Attributes pane instead. See the Query attribute reference for more information.


Select your language, then add a query by clicking the round green + button, give your query a name, then type in your script in the Query field.


This data source is used when a report (.prpt — simple reporting component) is used in an .xaction. In the report, you must specify the result-set name for the "query name" attribute on the report. Also, you must add a report parameter using the same name as the result-set name and set the parameter to the tablemodel parameter type. The .xaction result-set can be MQL, SQL, MDX or JavaScript.