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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Modify Charts

After creating a chart, you can perform any of the following modifications:

Edit a Chart

Use the following steps to edit a chart.

  1. In the Dashboard Designer, choose the panel that is displaying the chart you want to edit.
  2. In the upper right corner of the panel click File:/03_edit.png(Edit) The Chart Designer appears.
  3. Click Edit Query. The Query Editor opens.
  4. Edit the query as needed and click OK. The Chart Designer appears.
  5. Select the appropriate data definitions to build the chart.
  6. If applicable, change the chart type and theme and click Apply to see a preview of the edited chart.
  7. Click OK to display the chart in the dashboard.

Rotate Axis Labels

Use the following steps to rotate the chart axis labels:

  1. In the Chart Designer, display your chart.
  2. Under Label Rotation, choose Diagonal or Vertical and click Apply. The labels display with the rotation you set.
  3. Click OK to display the chart in the dashboard panel.

Adjust Numeric Scaling

Use the scaling feature in instances where numeric values in a chart are so long that they affect the display.

  1. Preview your chart in the Chart Designer.
  2. Under Scale, click to display the drop-down list of scaling options. In the example below, the scaling option used is "1000." Notice the change in the display of numeric values when scaling is applied. Users of the chart can see actual values when they hover over the bars in the chart. File:/25_scaling_example.png
  3. Click OK to display the chart in the dashboard. The scaling feature is available for all chart types except pie.