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pentaho.visual.role. adaptation

The adaptation namespace contains classes for describing visual role adaptation strategies between external and internal visual models.

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Child Namespaces

Name Summary

The adaptation.spec namespace contains specification types for describing visual role adaptation strategies.


Name Summary

The EntityWithTimeIntervalKeyStrategy class describes the strategy of mapping fields from a time hierarchy to a date value representing the start time of the most specific level (i.e. the smaller time interval).


The IdentityStrategy class describes the strategy of adapting a single data field, without modification, between the external and internal data space.


The Strategy class describes a strategy for mapping the data mapped to a visual role from the external data space to the internal data space, and back.


The TupleStrategy class describes the strategy of mapping one or more data properties to an array of those values, and back.


Name Summary

The IStrategyApplication interface represents a valid application of a strategy type to adapt between certain external an internal modes.


The IStrategyApplicationValidation interface describes whether the application of a strategy to specific fields of a schema data table is valid. It is the result of the Strategy#validateApplication method.