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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Change the Pentaho Server Fully Qualified URL

If you switch from HTTP to HTTPS, you must also change the Pentaho Server's tokenized fully qualified URL value to accommodate for the new port number. Follow the directions below to change the fully qualified URL:

  1. Stop the Pentaho Server if it is currently running.
  2. Navigate to the pentaho/server/pentaho-server/pentaho-solutions/system directory.
  3. Open the file with any text editor.
  4. Locate the following element and modify the port number to match your SSL-enabled port number:
  5. Save and close the file.
  6. Start the Pentaho Server and make sure that it is available through HTTPS on the specified port.

The Pentaho Server is now configured to communicate on an SSL-aware port.