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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Switch to LDAP

In order to use SSL to connect to your LDAP server, you will need to import the certificate into the JRE's trustStore/keyStore used to by the Pentaho Server (java/lib/security/cacerts).

  1. From User Console Home menu, click Administration, then select Authentication from the left. The Authentication interface appears. Local - Use basic Pentaho Authentication is selected by default.
  2. Choose the External - Use LDAP / Active Directory server radio button. The LDAP Server Connection fields populate with a default URL, user name, and password.


  3. Change the Server URL, User Name, and Password as needed.
  4. Click Test Server Connection to verify the connection to your LDAP server and to complete the set up.
  5. Click the node to select the Pentaho System Administrator user and role to match your LDAP configuration. Click OK.

The Admin user is required for all system-related operations, including the creation of user folders. The Administrator Role is required for mapping a third-party admin role to the Pentaho admin role (Administrator). This is required for all ABS functionality to work properly.

  1. Choose your LDAP Provider from the drop-down menu.
  2. Configure the LDAP connection as explained in LDAP Properties. Click Test.

The Pentaho Server is now configured to authenticate users against your LDAP directory server.