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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation


Audience: Customers, partners, and consultants who are already familiar with the installation, configuration, and operation of the Pentaho software.

The best initial approach for troubleshooting components within the Pentaho Suite is logging to monitor operations within transformations, jobs, database connections, and the server. You can monitor transformations, jobs, and database connections through logging in PDI. For the Pentaho Server, the log file is pentaho.log, which is in the pentaho-server/logs folder. The contents of this file can help you track down why the server failed to start or work properly. 

If you used a manual install, pentaho.log resides under pentaho-server/tomcat/logs. If you are using JBoss, the pentaho.log resides in the JBoss folder structure under pentaho-server/logs.

Besides analyzing logs, a number of Pentaho customers and partners have posted problems and solutions they have encountered in the past. The following common categories contain descriptions of these problems and how to resolve them:

Category Topics
General Issues
Installation and Upgrade Issues
Security Issues
Pentaho Server Issues
Data Integration Issues
Pentaho Repository Issues
Big Data Issues
Analysis Issues
Report Designer and Reporting Engine Issues
Metadata Issues