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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation


Setting up Pentaho products includes installation, configuration, administration, and if necessary, upgrading to a current version of Pentaho. In addition, we provide a list of the various components and technical requirements necessary for installing Pentaho.

  • Evaluation
    Use this installation method for evaluation purposes only. It includes everything you need to evaluate and test the Pentaho products. This installation is not intended for production environments.
  • Installation
    Choose between three production methods of installing based on how you want to use the Pentaho products. You can install individual components and tools. You can install the Pentaho Server and optionally a separate database in different locations.
  • Configuration
    As an IT administrator, configure the Pentaho Server and define what security to use. As a Pentaho administrator, configure data connections, manage the Pentaho Server, and set up the BA (Business Analytics) or PDI (Pentaho Data Integration) design tools.
  • Administration
    Use these tasks to maintain the Pentaho Server and related tools. These tasks require an IT administrator who knows where data is stored, how to connect to it, details about the computing environment, and how to use the command line to issue commands for Microsoft Windows or Linux.
  • Upgrade
    If you installed a previous release of the Pentaho Server in a different location from the database or tools, follow the instructions in this section to upgrade to a current version.

Supported Technologies 

Reference material for supported components and JDBC drivers.