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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Passing Security Information to a Report over a JDBC Connection

You can use one of two options when you want to pass security-related information, (such as user name and password), associated with a report over a JDBC connection:

  • Choose from the list of predefined environment variables; for example, env::username or env::roles
  • Define your own specific environment variables to pass to the connection, (session or global), using the formula function, ENV, inside a hidden parameter. For example, =ENV("session:xaction_parameter_password") or =ENV("global:xaction_parameter_password") where xaction_parameter_password is the parameter defined in an .xaction.
    Password Parameter Example
In either case, the available selections appear as drop-down options under JDBC Security Configuration when you click Edit Security in the JDBC Data Source dialog box.

Edit Security Button