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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

The Properties List

The middle panel in the Properties dialog box is the Properties list. This is the list of currently applied metadata properties for the object that is selected in the Subject list. The properties are sorted into their appropriate categories for organization. At the top of the Properties list, there are two icons. The File:/20_add.png (add icon) is for adding new metadata properties to this business table's self concept; the File:/19_delete.png (remove icon) is for removing properties from the self concept. Note that the remove button is disabled until a property is selected in the Property list.

Helpful Icon Color Coding

There are four ways a property can show up in the Property List:

  1. The property is a default property for the associated business object, and thus cannot be removed.
  2. The property was inherited from the business object's physical ancestor.
  3. The property has been set as part of the self concept.
  4. The property has been set as part of the object's parent concept.

It may be difficult to set properties without understanding the override hierarchy, so to help make the hierarchy a bit more apparent in the Properties list, the color code alerts you to what concept level is in play.

  • Yellow Icon = This property is inherited from the object's physical ancestor.
  • Blue Icon = Pentaho set the property on the object's own concept. This could be overriding an inherited property.
  • Orange Icon = This property is set as a result of the parent concept applied to the object.
  • Purple Icon = This is a special icon reserved for security properties.