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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Performance Monitoring and Logging


Provides information on how to set up logging and performance monitoring in Spoon.

Pentaho Data Integration provides you with several methods in which to monitor the performance of jobs and transformations. Logging offers you summarized information regarding a job or transformation such as the number of records inserted and the total elapsed time spent in a transformation. In addition, logging provides detailed information about exceptions, errors, and debugging details.

Reasons you may want to enable logging and step performance monitoring include: determining if a job completed with errors or to review errors that were encountered during processing. In headless environments, most ETL in production is not run from the graphical user interface and you need a place to watch initiated job results. Finally, performance monitoring provides you with useful information for both current performance problems and capacity planning.

If you are an administrative user and want to monitor jobs and transformations, you must first set up logging and performance monitoring in Spoon. For more information about monitoring jobs and transformations, see the Monitoring System Performance section.