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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Use Content Linking to Create Interactive Dashboards

Depending on your needs, you can create a "static" dashboard, which contains content in each panel that is separate but related. For example, you may provide users with a bar chart that contains total sales figures by region. Additionally, you may provide a data table that displays sales details for each state in a specific region. You may also want to provide sales data associated with each salesperson in a specific region. The content in your dashboard is useful to dashboard consumers, but to make it more "interactive," you may want to consider using content linking.

The content linking features in dashboards allow you to associate (link) content in one dashboard panel to content on another dashboard panel as long as query parameters have been defined. These features are particularly helpful for drilling down or for dynamic filtering; for example, when dashboard consumers explode a single slice in a pie chart to launch content in a data table associated with that pie slice. In this instance, dashboard consumers are moving from a summary view to a detailed view interactively.

You can use content linking if your dashboard panel contains a data table, chart, .xaction, .prpt, and Analyzer report.

Content Linking and Query Parameters

Query parameters are required for content inside a dashboard panel to receive values used to filter data from a filter control. They are also required when receiving values from content in other dashboard panels that are broadcasting values associated with Content Linking. The way in which query parameters are defined is different depending on the type of content you are placing inside your dashboard panels:

If Then
You are defining parameters in the Analyzer... See Adding Query Parameters to Analyzer Reports
You are defining parameters for a chart or data table... Use the Query Editor to define your parameterized query. See Linking Charts and Data Tables and Linking Columns in a Data Table to Content in other Dashboard Panels