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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Use Pentaho Mobile

Pentaho will no longer ship Pentaho Mobile with the product in 7.1 and will remove support for Pentaho Mobile in 8.0. Contact Pentaho Support for more information.


Get immediate access to powerful business analysis at any time with Pentaho Mobile, an innovative application built specifically for the Apple iPad. Touch navigation technology enables you to access content with the tap of a finger.

 Set Up Mobile Access 

To get access to Pentaho Mobile, you must:

  1. Make sure that an administrator has installed the Pentaho Mobile license, along with the licenses for Pentaho Business Analytics software.
  2. Have an Internet connection.
  3. Obtain the Pentaho server IP address or host name from your administrator and enter it into the iPad Safari web browser. For example, http://<hostname>:8080.

 Get Started with Pentaho Mobile

Once you have access to Pentaho Mobile, log in with the same user name and password you use for the User Console. Logging in enables you to view and create reports. If you have permission, you can also edit Pentaho Analyzer reports.

After accessing Pentaho Mobile, a dialog box appears. If you choose to toggle Yes for the Remember me on this device prompt, the prompt does not appear the next time you access Pentaho Mobile from that iPad. You can change this by going to Settings.

Create a Shortcut Using Safari 

When you view Pentaho Mobile in the Safari browser, the browser toolbars take up some of the viewing area. To obtain the maximum viewing area, and to launch Pentaho Mobile from your iPad Home screen, create a shortcut.

  1. Open Pentaho Mobile.
  2. Tap the Share button.
  3. Tap Add to Home Screen.
  4. Enter an alternate name, or keep the name PentahoMobile, and tap the Add button. A shortcut appears on the iPad Home screen. The next time you launch from the shortcut, you will have a maximized viewing area.

Work with the Home Screen

Before you start using Pentaho Mobile, take a quick tour of the interface and basic navigation.

The Home screen is divided into three panels.


This panel displays a list of the last ten files you have opened with Pentaho Mobile and the Pentaho User Console. You can change the maximum number of file names that appear by going to Settings.


This panel displays a list of the files marked as favorites.

Opened Files

This panel displays a list of files that are currently open.

Using the buttons on the Home screen, you can navigate to and select files that contain the content you want to view. You can also perform other actions.

Browse Files

Browse files saved on the Pentaho Analysis Server.

Create New Content

Create a new Pentaho Analyzer report.

Startup Screen

Open the file you have selected to load when Pentaho Mobile launches. If you want to edit this selection, tap Settings.


Specify options for configuring Pentaho Mobile.

Refresh All

Refresh the Recents > Favorites, and Open Files lists.


Access the Pentaho Mobile documentation.

There are three buttons at the bottom of the screen.


Instantly navigate to the Home screen.


This button displays if you have permission to create new Analyzer reports.


View a list of open files. The number of open files appears as a badge on the icon. You can also use this button to close files by tapping the X that is located after the file name. If no files are open, the Browse option appears so you can select a file to open.

Navigate Files

To select a file and load its viewable content, tap the Browse Files button. Then tap either All, Favorites, or Recent and select the file that has the content you want to view. The file loads in your screen.

If you have several files open, you can navigate between them by tapping Open at the bottom of the screen. All of the open files appear and you can select the one you want to view.

To close a file, tap the X in the Open Files list.

Create and Remove Favorites

Marking a file as a favorite makes it easier to find. Favorites appear on the Home screen and in the Favorites tab when you tap on BrowseTo mark a file as a favorite, tap the star. The star turns bold, indicating it is a favorite. To remove the favorite status from a file, tap the bold star. The star is no longer bold, indicating that the file is not a favorite.

Change Settings

If you want to change your settings, tap the Settings button. You will find these options while in Settings.

Startup Screen

Change the Startup Screen to load with a file instead of the default Home screen. To load a file on startup, tap Select a file, navigate to the correct file, and select it. The selected file appears in the Startup Screen list with a highlighted option button. If you want to make the Pentaho Home screen the startup screen again, tap the Pentaho Default Home option button.

Recent Files

To change the number of recent files, tap the plus or minus next to Keep The Last. You can also tap Clear All Recent Files.

Clearing Favorites and Settings

To clear favorites and settings for Pentaho Mobile:

  • Tap Clear All Favorites to clear your favorites list.
  • Tap Reset All Settings to reset all of your settings, including local storage, such as saved password settings and dialog preferences. Reset All Settings also clears the Recents list in the Pentaho User Console.


This content appears when you tap Help.

Pentaho Mobile Information

Tap About Pentaho Mobile for product information, such as version number.

Password Protection

To specify whether your password is saved, tap Remember me on this device and toggle the switch to Yes or No. You will automatically be signed in when you start Pentaho Mobile.


Tap Logout to end your session of Pentaho Mobile.

Work with Pentaho Mobile Tools

You can view previously created files using Pentaho Mobile. You may feel familiar with the experience of Pentaho Mobile if you have used the User Console. If you have not used the console, you can view the Tour the User Console to familiarize yourself with its capabilities. This is best viewed from your desktop web browser.

Pentaho Mobile responds to the standard iOS device gestures and changes in orientation.

Use the Overlay Toolbar

The Overlay Toolbar is a content-driven toolbar that allows you to easily perform common actions. For all content, you can tap Overlay Toolbar to create Favorites, Refresh content, or Close content. For Analyzer Reports, you can also Save and Save As if your administrator has given you permission.

Mobile Reports

You can view reports that were created with the desktop version of Pentaho Interactive Reporting or Pentaho Report Designer. If you need more information, see the Build Full-Featured Solutions and the Design Print-Quality Reports sections in the Pentaho documentation.

Mobile Analyzer

You can view and edit Analyzer reports using Pentaho Mobile. Previously created content opens in view mode, with the design panels closed. If you would like to edit a report, you can use the icons on the toolbar to access the design panels.

If you need more information about how to view and edit Analyzer Reports, see the Build Full-Featured Solutions section on the Pentaho documentation.

Mobile Dashboards

You can view dashboards created with the Dashboard Designer. You may want to optimize your dashboards for the mobile environment by selecting layout templates that are better for smaller screen sizes and avoiding Flash charts since the iPad does not support Flash. If you choose to view a Flash chart on Pentaho Mobile, it converts to a static image.

If you need more information about how to create Dashboards, see the Build Full-Featured Solutions section on the Pentaho documentation.