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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

JBoss Fails to Start When the Pentaho HSQLDB Sample Database Is Running

Note: This problem can also manifest as the Pentaho sample database refusing to start when the BA Server is deployed to JBoss.

The Pentaho-supplied HSQLDB sample database operates on the default HSQLDB port of 9001. JBoss has its own HSQLDB instance running on the same port; therefore, the port collision will prevent the JBoss version from starting, and cause the startup process to halt. You can change the Pentaho sample database port by editing the start_hypersonic script and adding the -port 9002 switch to the last line:

"$_PENTAHO_JAVA" -cp $THE_CLASSPATH org.hsqldb.Server -port 9002 -database.0 $DIR_REL/hsqldb/sampledata -dbname.0 sampledata -database.1 $DIR_REL/hsqldb/hibernate -dbname.1 hibernate -database.2 $DIR_REL/hsqldb/quartz -dbname.2 quartz