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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Pan Options and Syntax

Pan runs transformations, either from a PDI repository (database or enterprise), or from a local file. The syntax for the batch file and shell script are shown below. All Pan options are the same for both.

Note: Windows systems use syntax with the forward slash (“/”) and colon (“:”). If spaces are present in the option values, use single quotes (“) and double quotes (“”) to keep spaces together, for example, "-param:MASTER_HOST=" "-param:MASTER_PORT=8181" -option=value arg1 arg2
 pan.bat /option: value arg1 arg2
Switch Purpose
rep Enterprise or database repository name, if you are using one
user Repository username
pass Repository password
trans The name of the transformation (as it appears in the repository) to launch
dir The repository directory that contains the transformation, including the leading slash
file If you are calling a local KTR file, this is the filename, including the path if it is not in the local directory
level The logging level (Basic, Detailed, Debug, Rowlevel, Error, Nothing)
logfile A local filename to write log output to
listdir Lists the directories in the specified repository
listtrans Lists the transformations in the specified repository directory
listrep Lists the available repositories
exprep Exports all repository objects to one XML file
norep Prevents Pan from logging into a repository. If you have set the KETTLE_REPOSITORY, KETTLE_USER, and KETTLE_PASSWORD environment variables, then this option will enable you to prevent Pan from logging into the specified repository, assuming you would like to execute a local KTR file instead.
safemode Runs in safe mode, which enables extra checking
version Shows the version, revision, and build date
param Set a named parameter in a name=value format. For example: -param:FOO=bar
listparam List information about the defined named parameters in the specified transformation.
maxloglines The maximum number of log lines that are kept internally by PDI. Set to 0 to keep all rows (default)
maxlogtimeout The maximum age (in minutes) of a log line while being kept internally by PDI. Set to 0 to keep all rows indefinitely (default)
sh -rep=initech_pdi_repo -user=pgibbons -pass=lumburghsux -trans=TPS_reports_2011
pan.bat /rep:initech_pdi_repo /user:pgibbons /pass:lumburghsux /trans:TPS_reports_2011