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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Starting DI Server on Linux


Explains how to start the DI Server.

Install License Keys Using the Command Line Interface

  1. Download the .lic file you want to install.
  2. Copy your .lic files to the DI Server.
  3. Navigate to the license-installer directory:  pentaho/license-installer
  4.  Run with the install switch and the location and name of your .lic file as a parameter. You can specify multiple .lic files separated by spaces. Be sure to use backslashes to escape any spaces in the path or file name, like this: install /home/<user name>/downloads/Pentaho\ DI\ Enterprise\ Edition.lic

Start DI Server 

Run the file.

Problems Starting the DI Server?

Check out our Troubleshooting Guide for help.