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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Merge Custom Configuration Settings for 6.0


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There are a few files that are sometimes customized.  If you've modified settings in any of these for previous versions of Pentaho, then you will have to locate the file in Pentaho 6.0 and manually modify the settings again.

Here is how you migrate these files.

  1. Back up copies of the old configuration files.
  2. Find the same files in the new Pentaho 6.0 directory.
  3. Add your customizations to the new file.  If necessary, use a file diff tool of your choice to compare the old and new versions file to help you find the changes.
File Type Action
server.xml Your port numbers for the Tomcat server may be different.
startup and shutdown scripts Custom memory settings or additional environment variables can be used for startup.
system listeners Your own system listener can be used instead.